Welcome Back Santa Barbara

Welcome Back Santa Barbara

Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique would like to welcome you back Santa Barbara

Spa Treatments 

Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique would like to officially welcome you back Santa Barbara! We have missed you and are excited for your return. Our fantastic service providers are eager to get back to doing what we do best which is providing luxurious organic spa treatments for all. Le Reve Spa Santa Barbara is currently available seven days a week by appointment. We are currently offering facials, massage, body treatments, sunless tan, waxing, and nail services such as  manicure and pedicures. Appointments for spa services may be made by phone . Please call 805-564-2977 to speak with a Le Reve Spa Coordinator in order to reserve your next spa treatment. You may also book Le Reve spa treatments online.

Organic Boutique

Our organics spa boutique is now open to the public. However, we will continue to provide curbside pick up and delivery for those who request it. Products may be purchased at the Le Reve Online Store or by phone. We encourage those with compromised immunity to exercise these options. We are committed to your health and safety and are here to help.


Thank you for your Support

I would like to personally thank all of you for your support and patience during our closure. I know that the last few months have been rough for many and am beyond thrilled to be able to bring back the much needed self-care, wellness, and human connection that is so crucial in our mental and physical health in a way that I know only Le Reve can.  Your  health, wellness, and safety along with our wonderful team is always our first priority.  At this time we have included additional measures to help assure that a safe environment is maintained for staff and guests alike. We are closely following guidelines from various organizations and have implemented additional practices provided by the CDC and the state of California. We have also incorporated extra sanitizing and disinfecting measures of our own to help mitigate risks in the age of COVID-19. Please familiarize yourself with our new standards for entry to Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique. 

See you at the spa!


Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique
21 W Gutierrez St Santa Barbara Ca 93101

*Read on for Current Spa Policy

Brazilian Santa Barbara

Brazilian Santa Barbara

Its all about the Brazilian Santa Barbara. Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique in Santa Barbara has been providing Brazilian waxing services to our clients for over 20 years now. If you receive regular wax treatments you are most likely already a believer. For those of you who have yet to experience the wonderful world of wax please allow us to address some frequently asked questions. How long does waxing last?   Typically 4 weeks, however every client is different and depending on your growth rate you may need to rebook with your Le Reve esthetician as often as every 3 weeks or as far out as every 6 weeks.  Does the bikini hair grow back more course?   No! Your skin will remain sooth in most cases for a week or two and then will gradually increase in the weeks following before your next Le Reve wax visit.  How long does a Brazilian wax service take?   Our Le Reve providers can perform a full Brazilian in 30 minutes or less.  How much do Brazilians typically cost?   That also varies. Some spas will charge by the time it takes to provide the treatment. For instance, if your bikini area’s hair removal proves challenging or takes a little longer for that provider the cost for those establishments would go up. We provide all brazilians in 30 minutes or under and so our services remain the same for each client. Our Brazilian wax treatment is known here as the “skinniest”. It runs $50 per service. How do you know that you are ready for your next wax treatment?   Its all about the length. We generally look for the hair to be a quarter of an inch in order to fully remove it from an area.

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Spa Technician ChristinaSee what Le Reve Esthetician, Christina has to say on the matter:

Why wax? Simply because it’s good for your skin. Not only does it exfoliate leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft but it last for weeks. Also waxing every 4 weeks consecutively you will see that you get less regrowth meaning your hair will not grow back fully making it less painfull every time! This is because consistent waxing provides you a chance of that hair never growing back. By pulling from the root you restart the whole process of lessening that regrowth. So removing it early can cause your hair to forget to grow back in a way.

Christina recommends that you consistently book your waxing treatments according to your hair growth cycle for the best results.

Book your Brazilian Santa Barbara and save! Check out our October Spa Offers

You may also Book Online or with a spa coordinator by calling 805-564-2977

Ditch the Razor

Ditch the razor 

wax services - lerevespa - santa barbaraGood Morning Santa Barbara! Are you through with shaving? Tired of constantly setting aside time to create smooth hairless skin every few days? Done with battling nicks and cuts which leave your skin blemished and scared? Overwhelmed by irritation?  Well, if you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, then the waxing treatments at Le Reve may be just what you need. Waxing is a much more efficient method of hair removal than shaving. You needn’t wax every few days like you do with shaving because it stays away longer. Typically waxing treatments are scheduled along with the hair’s cycle which is usually every four to six weeks. Not only does hair stay away longer with waxing, but when the hair is pulled from the root it also grows back thinner too! Everyone’s hair cycle is a little different so make sure to check in with your Le Reve esthetician to properly determine your scheduling needs. Additionally, you do not have to worry about that awful razor burn and irritation caused from shaving. Subsequently, nicks and cuts from the razor become a thing of the past. If you are interested in silky smooth hairless skin, stop by your favorite organic day spa. We offer waxing services for the bikini, legs, arms, back, stomach, face, and more! Whatever your waxing needs we are happy to help at Le Reve.
Some Benefits 
  • Hair removal is longer lasting when pulled from the roots
  • Hair grows back thinner when pulled from the roots 
  • No worry of nicks or cuts
  • No razor burn
  • Slows hair growth 
Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique offers waxing services seven days a week. Our spa hours of operation are 10am to 7pm. To book a waxing services with one of our skilled professionals contact our front desk at 805-564-2977 to speak with a Le Reve spa coordinator. You may also book online.
Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique is located in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara, down a private outdoor next to Yoga Soup . Around the corner from the Riviera Towel Company.
See you at the spa! _Bridgette

Brow Wax at Le Reve Santa Barbara

Brow Wax at Le Reve Santa Barbara

brow-wax-le reve spa

Check out the difference a Brow Wax at Le Reve makes Santa Barbara!

Some say that the eyes are the window to your sole Well, I say if they are be sure to emphasize them with beautiful brows!
Check out the difference a clean brow shape makes for this lovely lady

And for the Gents… 

Don’t think that we forgot about you

Le Reve Offers Brow Services for even the manliest brows!
Le Reve Offers Brow Services for all.
 Allow Le Reve to help show off those wonderful boyish brows
images-5Brow Services are typically 15 minutes so while these services are relatively short the results generally last you up 4 weeks!!! This means for only 15 minutes you can have fabulous brows to show all month and who wouldn’t want this.tWhether it is for a tint, trim, or shape make sure that you are drawing attention to those beautiful brows
Le Reve offers professional Waxing and Tinting Services 10 – 7 pm daily
For those of you wondering whether or not Le Reve accepts walk-ins…
While Le Reve does happily accept Walk-Ins we cannot promise to be able to accommodate everyone so it is always a better idea to book in advance whenever possible to assure you a service time.

Did you know that Le Reve offers Series to help save you more on your regular waxing services for the year?!?

Purchase a Brow Series and SAVE!

Brow Series of 10 Saves $20

Brow Series of 12 Saves $36

Book Online or Call 805-564-2977 to book with a Le Reve spa coordinator
Book your next Brow Wax at Le Reve!
See you at the spa! _xo Bridgette
Brow Waxes are offered 10am to 7pm daily

Wax Facts – Le Reve Spa


Thank you for joining me for our first installment of Le Reve Wax Facts where I address some of our most frequent questions here at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique

Did you know that Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique offers hair removal 7 days a week? Our wax specialists are available to for services from 10am to 7pm daily! Walk-ins welcome!
wax services - lerevespa - santa barbaraThe first question we receive often is does waxing as a method of semi-permanent hair removal provide exfoliation?
The answer is YES! Waxing as a method of semi-permanent hair removal has many benefits beyond simply leaving your skin hairless. When the Le Reve wax is applied to the body begins to harden and adheres to dead skin in the process. When the wax is then removed it takes the unwanted hair along with any dead skin with it. This means that following any Le Reve wax service you will be left with smooth, refreshed, and beautifully hairless skin!
waxing services - hair_growth_diagram The second most common question we receive is whether or not it is true that the hair takes longer to grow back with frequent waxing services. 
This is TRUE! With Le Reve Waxing services the hair is pulled out from the root instead of cut down at the skin like when you shave it. It takes more time to reproduce the new hair follicle when the hair is pulled out then it does it does for the hair to grow out so your skin does remain hairless longer the more frequent your waxing services.
Is it true that the hair grows back thinner with frequent waxing?
This answer is also YES! Most of our clients here at Le Reve who have been getting waxing done for the past 5 years are on a 6 to 8 week schedule instead of a 4 to 5 week schedule. This is because many follicles fail to reproduce over time with consistent waxing services, making the hair grow in thinner and often lighter meaning that your waxing services can become less frequent over time.  
Does waxing cause redness? 
The answer is YES! Waxing does cause some redness. However, when done correctly waxing is practically pain free with the redness only lasting minutes. The redness is gone for most before they leave from service.  
Men Waxing Services - Le Reve SpaDoes Le Reve provide waxing treatments for men? 
We sure do! Many of our male clients rely on Le Reve Waxing to remove unwanted back hair, ear hair, and nose hair, or to shape their manly brows. While some of our male clientele receive neck and face waxing to avoid razor burn. Whatever the reason Le Reve waxing is definitely for everyone!

Click to book a Le Reve waxing service online or call 805-564-2977 to book with a spa coordinator


Stay tuned for more Le Reve Wax Facts! See you at the spa! _XOXO Bridgettewaxing services - le reve spa

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