Professional Waxing Santa Barbara: Waxing is established as an all-in-one hair removal solution for men and women. It’s easy-going, effective, and works wonders without damaging the skin. This spa is home to the world’s finest professionals and understands the value of a seamless waxing process. Our Santa Barbara Brazilian wax sessions include premier waxes, top-of-the-line facilities, industry-grade specialists, contemporary technique and more.  

Personalized Sessions

This location is professional, organized, and has years of expertise in hair removal solutions.  Le Rêve Organic Day Spa & Boutique understands the intricacies of a well-designed session and it begins with a personalized strategy. To guarantee superior results, we take the time to recognize what our clients need and how each session can be customized based on their requirements. Once the consultation begins, we’ll lay out different options ensuring client’s get the choose what’s best-suited to their body.  


What makes this spa special? Each client is welcomed into a beautiful room with appropriate lighting, comfortable furniture, and world-class waxes. This is done to provide a cozy environment for the session before it begins.Along with offering a welcoming place, the spa is also committed to ensuring each session is gentle and easy on the body. This is done by using well-established techniques with the help of highly qualified specialists. Our professionals have years of meaningful experience in the application and management of waxes in Santa Barbara CA to help put your mind at ease. These sessions are not only easy on the body, but they’re also relaxing and a great way to spend time!  

Smooth Finish

Our spa takes pride in its sessions and makes sure to go the extra mile for all clients. Whether it’s your arms, legs, or full body, we’re able to provide access to the finest waxes, techniques, and tools to guarantee a smoother finish. Once the session is done, the targeted area will feel silky smooth to the touch and that’s a promise!We remain committed to offering exceptional value and it starts with our results.




Arm (Half), $25

Arm (Full), $35

Skinny Bikini*, $30

Skinnier Bikini*, $40

Skinniest Bikini*, $50

Brow, $20

Brow and Lip, $30

Cheeks, $15

Chin, $15

Full face (brow, lip, chin, cheek), $55

Leg (Lower)*, $30

Leg (Upper)*, $40

Leg (Full)*, $65

Lip, $15

Neck & Shoulders, $30

Nose, $15

Back, $50

Lower Back, $25

Chest (includes stomach), $50

Stomach, $25

Stomach Strip, $15

Underarms, $15

* When combining Leg Wax with Bikini Wax, treatment will be discounted 10%.

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