Santa Barbara Lash Extensions:  Le Rêve Organic Day Spa & Boutique is home to the finest lash extension services in town and we’re proud to offer a beautiful lashes to our clientele. With years of experience and a passion for excellence, our Santa Barbara day spa is committed to providing full, beautiful eyelashes. To ensure this is the case, we take pride in our work and go the extra mile to meet your aesthetic needs!


Our Services Include:

Premium Adhesives

• Personalized Lashes

• Natural Finishing

• Experienced Specialists 

• Plus More!


State-of-the-Art Adhesive

The adhesive used for our eyelash extensions is world-class, vetted, and ideally mixed for your needs. This adhesive is not only lightweight, but it’s also organic ensuring the eye and its surrounding area(s) are kept safe at all times. In fact, we take extra precautions in the application of these materials and make sure everything is done the right way.  The methods used to complete this service are safe and comfortable ensuring superior results. Please note, we never apply straight to the skin and/or eyelid.


Trained Lash Technician

At our Santa Barbara, CA location, all services are carried out by professional lash technicians. These specialists have spent years working on their craft and manually carry out each session to guarantee results.  We also specialize in offering the best lashes and it starts with our emphasis on high-quality service! By sitting down with one of our acclaimed lash technicians, you get the opportunity to enjoy a pain-free solution tailor-made for your specific requirements.


Natural Finish

What makes our spa the ideal option for your lash extensions? We are committed to offering a 100% natural finish in line with industry standards. Each session is completed with attention to detail and incorporates advanced techniques as the eyelash is manually put into place. This is our way of promising wonderful results and ensuring the client leaves our spa with a smile on their face.


Routine Touch-Ups

Want to keep the eyelashes looking beautiful all year long? Our lash technicians are more than happy to provide routine touch-ups every 2-4 weeks depending on your schedule. This is a great way to remain fresh and beautiful for as long as you want.


Classic Full Set (2 Hours), $215

Touch Ups (within 1 week), Complimentary

Fill 30 minute $70

Removal, $50

*Special Package* – $382

Prebook Full Set and 3 Lash Fills for a 10% savings!

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Get Your Lash Extensions Today!

When you choose Le Rêve Organic Day Spa & Boutique, the eyelashes will be looking thicker, better, and more aesthetically pleasing than ever seen before. All it takes is a quick, scheduled appointment with one of our specialists to keep things looking perfect. To get the finest lash extensions in the Santa Barbara CA area, please call in and set up an appointment with one of the leading lash technicians our spa has to offer!


Additional Services:

Facial Treatment | Body Treatments | Sunless Tanning | Therapeutic Massage | Waxing | Mani & Pedi

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