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Ditch the Razor

Ditch the razor 

wax services - lerevespa - santa barbaraGood Morning Santa Barbara! Are you through with shaving? Tired of constantly setting aside time to create smooth hairless skin every few days? Done with battling nicks and cuts which leave your skin blemished and scared? Overwhelmed by irritation?  Well, if you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, then the waxing treatments at Le Reve may be just what you need. Waxing is a much more efficient method of hair removal than shaving. You needn’t wax every few days like you do with shaving because it stays away longer. Typically waxing treatments are scheduled along with the hair’s cycle which is usually every four to six weeks. Not only does hair stay away longer with waxing, but when the hair is pulled from the root it also grows back thinner too! Everyone’s hair cycle is a little different so make sure to check in with your Le Reve esthetician to properly determine your scheduling needs. Additionally, you do not have to worry about that awful razor burn and irritation caused from shaving. Subsequently, nicks and cuts from the razor become a thing of the past. If you are interested in silky smooth hairless skin, stop by your favorite organic day spa. We offer waxing services for the bikini, legs, arms, back, stomach, face, and more! Whatever your waxing needs we are happy to help at Le Reve.
Some Benefits 
  • Hair removal is longer lasting when pulled from the roots
  • Hair grows back thinner when pulled from the roots 
  • No worry of nicks or cuts
  • No razor burn
  • Slows hair growth 
Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique offers waxing services seven days a week. Our spa hours of operation are 10am to 7pm. To book a waxing services with one of our skilled professionals contact our front desk at 805-564-2977 to speak with a Le Reve spa coordinator. You may also book online.
Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique is located in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara, down a private outdoor next to Yoga Soup . Around the corner from the Riviera Towel Company.
See you at the spa! _Bridgette

Brow Wax at Le Reve Santa Barbara

Brow Wax at Le Reve Santa Barbara

brow-wax-le reve spa

Check out the difference a Brow Wax at Le Reve makes Santa Barbara!

Some say that the eyes are the window to your sole Well, I say if they are be sure to emphasize them with beautiful brows!
Check out the difference a clean brow shape makes for this lovely lady

And for the Gents… 

Don’t think that we forgot about you

Le Reve Offers Brow Services for even the manliest brows!
Le Reve Offers Brow Services for all.
 Allow Le Reve to help show off those wonderful boyish brows
images-5Brow Services are typically 15 minutes so while these services are relatively short the results generally last you up 4 weeks!!! This means for only 15 minutes you can have fabulous brows to show all month and who wouldn’t want this.tWhether it is for a tint, trim, or shape make sure that you are drawing attention to those beautiful brows
Le Reve offers professional Waxing and Tinting Services 10 – 7 pm daily
For those of you wondering whether or not Le Reve accepts walk-ins…
While Le Reve does happily accept Walk-Ins we cannot promise to be able to accommodate everyone so it is always a better idea to book in advance whenever possible to assure you a service time.

Did you know that Le Reve offers Series to help save you more on your regular waxing services for the year?!?

Purchase a Brow Series and SAVE!

Brow Series of 10 Saves $20

Brow Series of 12 Saves $36

Book Online or Call 805-564-2977 to book with a Le Reve spa coordinator
Book your next Brow Wax at Le Reve!
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Brow Waxes are offered 10am to 7pm daily

Santa Barbara Waxing Services

Tired of Shaving? 

 Good Morning Le Revies!
Esthetician and Waxing Queen Rachel here. 
Spa Santa Barbara Leg Wax
Click to book your services today!
Are you tired of shaving, don’t have enough time to shave as often as you would like, or suffering from skin irritations caused by shaving?
Waxing is a more effective, and a longer lasting way of hair removal. Did you know that every time you remove hair with wax the hair actually gets thinner? It’s a true fact!  Once I found this out I never wanted to shave again.  Contrary to popular belief, with our waxing professional’s technique this wax experience is virtually pain free.

Waxing Services 

Le Reve offers Waxing Services 10am – 7pm daily!

Spa Santa Barbara Waxing Services
Benefits of waxing
  • It is longer lasting because the hair is pulled out from the roots 
  • You cannot suffer from nicks or minor cuts that can leave scars
  • Shaving can cause rashes, especially with sensitive skin
  • Waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer 
  • Waxing is fast and convenient 
  • Skin is less susceptible to skin irritations such as ingrown hairs, redness, and bumps.  

If you would like to book a waxing service with me I am available Friday – Sunday 10am – 7pm or by request. See you soon!
Book Online or Call 805-564-2977 to book with a spa coordinator
Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique is located in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara, down a private outdoor walkway in between D’Angelos Bakery and Yoga Soup

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