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Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

La Bella Donna Eye Pencil 

Formulated with naturally-derived mineral based pigments these kohl eye pencils are soft and blend easily. If you haven’t use an Eye Pencil, now’s the time to try one.

  • Super soft around the eye area
  • Contains no inflammatory properties, ideal for lining the inside rim of the eye
  • Staying power for all day and into the evening
SMOKY QUARTZ works well with La Bella Donna Compact Colour Folio “Sedona Sunset”. VIOLET CHAROITE works well with both La Bella Donna Compact Colour Folios “Despina” and “Blackberry”.
mineral makeup
HOW TO APPLY: Always apply your Eye Pencil after you apply your Mineral Eyeshadow and Mineral Mascara. You may wish to hold the tip of the pencil between the thumb and forefinger to soften the tip, then apply close to the top and bottom lash line with a very light hand.
You can purchase this product by visiting our Online Store or by stopping into our Organic Boutique at 21 W. Gutierrez St. 
organic eyeliner
organic makeup

Brow Kit

La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup Brow Kit at Le ReveLa Bella Donna Complete Brow Kit

For those not graced with the best brows, or no brows La Bella Donna has created a Complete Brow Kit that will save you hours. The Kit comes in shades of Brunette, Blonde and Auburn. Within each Kit you have two shades of colour, most of you will use both, a pomade/wax, this is like a sealing wax, to keep the brow in place and a highlight cream to lift the brow bone and brighten the eye.
In honor of the Santa Barbara Film Festival if you stop into Le Reve’s Organic Boutique at this weekend and RECEIVE $5 OFF your La Bella Donna Brow Kit purchase simply by mentioning Linda’s Brow Kit Post.
Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique is located in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara at 21 W. Gutierrez St
Hope to see you soon and enjoy this beautiful weekend Santa Barbara.
xoxo, Linda Spa Coordinator
La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup Brow Kit Model at Le Reve

View a Le Reve Makeup Tutorial by cosmetologist Linda!

Loose Mineral Makeup

Anyone who knows Le Reve’s dark princess and cosmetologist, Linda also knows that she is absolutely no stranger to ink.
After being told that our wonderful mineral makeup at Le Reve can cover anything, it went without saying that she had to put it to the test.
Check out her post on the fantastic coverage offered by Le Reve Spa’s La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Makeup. 

La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Makeup Foundation

Don’t cover a blemish conceal them, for example today I covered up one of my tattoos with our La Bella Donna Anti-aging Mineral Mystique – Hydrating Concealer (#2) and our Loose Mineral Foundation (Crema.)
Le Reve Loose Mineral Makeup CoverageThe first thing I did was went over the tattoo with the concealer completely which caused the light coverage, and then I went back over it with the Loose Mineral Foundation completely which caused the complete disappearance of my tattoo. After this I lightly dusted the area with the Loose Foundation and set it with Jurlique Rose Balancing Mist so that it wouldn’t transfer onto my clothes or rub off onto anything else.
I have had this on for five hours now and my tattoo is still invisible.
Below is a before and after picture – Unedited.
This technique is wonderful if you wanted to cover up your tattoos for special events, your wedding, or a job.
So if you ladies are going to an event and have a blemish, don’t use cover up. Try this technique you may just love it and never turn back!
We look forward to seeing you!
xoxo, Linda Spa Coordinator
You can stop by our Le Reve Organic Boutique today to get your complimentary color matching and also purchase these products.
Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique is located at 21 W. Gutierrez St.   Call 805-564-2977 to book a mineral makeup application

Makeup Tutorial

Before - La Bella Donna Makeup Tutorial at Le ReveMakeup Tutorial

Check out Le Reve Cosmetologist, Linda’s makeup tutorial for today and learn “how to’ execute a simply but flashy bright lip look for yourself !
 This fantastic look is easy execute which makes it great for beginners who still want an attention-grabbing style. In this makeup tutorial I will show you which products to use for foundation, eye, lip and brow.  I have been stepping away from wearing eye shadow all the time and I love this look for day time and even night time just adding a little bit of black eye liner makes this a perfect night time look. 
After - La Bella Donna Makeup Tutorial at Le ReveFor this look I used all La Bella Donna Products.
Face: La Bella Donna CC Cream #1, La Bella Donna Anti-Aging Mineral Mystique in #2, and La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation in Crema Brows: La Bella Donna brow kit in Brunette Eyes: La Bella Donna Mascara in Black Lips: La Bella Donna Mineral Light Lip Color in Mindful Red See the Mindful Red Lip Colour on other Le Reve staff!   In honor of the Santa Barbara Film Festival stop into Le Reve’s Organic Boutique at this weekend to RECEIVE 10% OFF any La Bella Donna product mentioned in this tutorial.

Check out these products  in Le Reve’s Online Store or by stopping into our Organic Boutique.

Call 805-564-2977 to book your tutorial!
Follow Le Reve’s blogs to receive more fun Makeup Tutorials by Le Reve Cosmetologist ,Linda.
xoxo, Linda Spa Coordinator

Complimentary Makeup Application



Join us this Saturday, Janurary 16th from 10am -7pm for the Le Reve Wellness Event and RECEIVE a Complimentary Makeup Application with La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup

The Wellness Events Makeup applications are 30 minutes and will be provided by La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup Professsional, Judge Jo Georgeles by appointment.

Appointments available 11am – 6pm

Call 805-564-2977 to reserve your complementary makeup application

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