Halloween Health Reminder to Beware of Face Paint Toxins

Halloween Health Reminder

Check out this Halloween Health Reminder to beware of the Toxins that may lurk in your face paint by Chemist and skincare specialist Bridgette at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique in Santa Barbara California Halloween Health Reminder - Le Reve SpaHalloween Health Reminder that the majority of what you put on your or your child’s skin gets broken down and absorbed. So for all you parents out there who thought that sugar consumption was your biggest concern for your little-ones, think again. That being said, with all the Halloween candy around, there is no better time to educate your child about the importance of limiting their sugar intake. Try not to let your child consume too many sugary treats as these can cause all kinds of oral health issues such as cavities and tooth decay. Furthermore, make sure your child brushes their teeth soon after enjoying their trick or treating candy haul. Your Dentist in Indialantic will thank you! However, one of the scariest things about Halloween aside from some of the spooky costumes and haunted houses are the horrible toxins present in the over the counter halloween costume makeup. Halloween Health Reminder - Le Reve SpaThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states plainly that no safe blood lead level in children has been identified, and that exposure to lead can jeopardize nearly every system in the body. Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to affect IQ, ability to pay attention, and academic achievement. And effects of lead exposure cannot be corrected. Even with all of these health disclaimers each year halloween face paint containing harmful levels of toxins are available for purchase. In 2009 the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics issued a report stating that 10 out of the 10 popular children’s face paints contained lead in addition to other harmful chemicals such as chromium, cobalt, nickel and other toxic chemicals deemed hazardous by the FDA and even banned in other countries!
Before you cancel this years Halloween festivities or limit costume choices to a simple bed sheet ghost please read the following tips on how to keep things healthy from toxins this year.

Halloween Health Reminders:

  • Consider natural alternatives to makeup – Mix natural food coloring with corn syrup for fake blood, or cornstarch, flour and vegetable shortening for a spooky ghost or skeleton face. Or, you could stay away from make-up altogether by purchasing adorable and warm onesies such as those of skeletons or animals. That way, you don’t have to think about applying a lot of makeup because the onesie has already done the job for you.
  • Use a primer – before anything touches your skin or your childs skin. La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup is a micro ground mineral makeup that works as a great primer! It creates the perfect hydrophobic barrier between any halloween make-up and skin helping to prevent toxins from absorbing into your pores and then your bloodstream.
  • Choose makeup carefully – So it is true that ten out ten products tested by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics contained by lead, but fortunately for us there are more than just those 10 choices available. La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup has a great spectrum of colors avail for both everyday wear and halloween makeup. However if you are looking for more of the paint-style halloween makeup we recommend Elegant Minerals and Natural Earth Paint. Read ingredients carefully. Choose mineral based makeup over the makeup containing heavy metals. Double check with the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetics database to see if your skincare passes the health standard you are looking for.
  • Perform a patch test – Products tested contained highly allergenic ingredients such as chromium can be hazardous so before applying to your skin this halloween conduct a patch test by placing a small amount of the under your arm or at the base of your neck to test for a reaction.
  • Remove all makeup as soon as possible – Do not sleep in face paint. Remove all makeup as soon as possible

We at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique want you to have a safe and healthy Halloween and hope these tips help.

xoxo, Bridgette

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