Total Body Bliss

Treat yourself to a Le Reve Total Body Bliss!Santa Barbara Le Reve Organic Day Spa Body Wrap The Total Body Bliss

 Total Body Bliss

A thorough dry brushing of your body is performed to stimulate lymph flow, help regenerate precious collagen and elastin, promote an increase of circulation, and encourage cell renewal. 
Your skin is then exfoliated with an herbal antioxidant based body polish to remove dead skin and impurities while refortifying the remaining skin.
Your skin is then treated with a blend of Jurlique mineral rich moor mud, essential oils, and therapeutic herbs to help sooth, heal, and further refortify the healthy skin remaining. Your body is wrapped at this time to ensure that the pores remain open to better encourage absorption of this wonderful mud treatment. 
Finally, your new healthy skin is quenched with organic coconut oil leaving it nourished and conditioned

The results of this fabulous body treatment are fresh, healthy skin, refortified to maximize overall complexion and tone, and rehydrated to quench and improve skin condition leaving a beautiful lasting glow 

You and your body will feel refreshed and rejuvenated and your skin healthy and happy after 90-minutes of this lovely treatment 
   Call today at 805-564-2977 or book online! 
xoxo, Spa Coordinator at Le Reve

Le Reve Herbal Body Treatment

Treat your skin to our amazing Herbal Body Polish!

 The Le Reve Herbal Body Polish is a thorough body exfoliation to help remove dead skin
and then saturate your skin with herbal antioxidants.
The result is healthy skin that appears clean, soft, and revitalized.
This fabulous treatment is sure to leave you feeling amazing and looking great! 
        Call 805-564-2977 to book your service with a Spa Coordinator  or you may book your Herbal Body Polish online            
                     xoxo, Courtney, Spa Coordinator at Le Reve

Blueberry Body Slimming Wrap

Hello Friends! 
I hope you are all celebrating the fact that summer is here! The sun is out, the fresh breeze fills the air, and the beaches are full.    If you are anything like me, getting into that bikini may feel like a daunting task.                                                                                       Le Reve is here to tell you that YOU, yes, YOU are beautiful just the way you are!    
As Coco Chanel put it, 
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” 
      Let Le Reve take care of you this summer so you can strut the Santa Barbara beaches glowing with radiance! 
Our famous Blueberry Body Slimming Wrap is specially catered to take care of the mind, body and soul.
      This therapeutic treatment is for the whole body. First, your skin is covered with a blueberry scrub to soften and exfoliate. Your body is then drenched with a slimming gel wrap to tone and increase elasticity. This treatment will increase collagen and infuse the skin with moisture.
After this treatment my skin felt tight, smooth and my mind felt refreshed!
Xoxo, Conner Spa Coordinator at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique 

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