Serums are comprised of more “active ingredients” than other skincare products. Additionally, serums tend to consist of more expensive ingredients geared towards providing faster results. It is because of this that this crucial pat in any great skincare regimen may tend to be a bit more costly than other products which are generally built up with thickeners. However, when applied properly, a 1-ounce container of serum should last months and provides skincare results in a fraction of the time. I always tell our clients to think of their serum as a daily vitamin. The reason I love this analogy is that just a few drops of these wonderful products can topically provide you a concentrated blend of the properties your skin is begging for. You will need to look around for the right serum that suits your skin and its condition. Researching websites like to see you can find what you need is very important for your skin health. March Spa Special - Serums
Le Reve esthetician Sterling wants you to know, “The important part about serums are that they are highly potent and because they are typically built of smaller molecules they are more easily absorbed deeply into skin’s epidermis. This provides a cell turn over and specific rapid results ”