Mind and Body Facial

Mind and Body Chakras
     Are you feeling unbalanced due to stress or just daily life? 
     If yes, a great pick me up is our Mind and Body Facial       
     During this facial, you will experience aromatherapy, deep cleansing,
     and amazing stone massage, and the healing properties of organic herbs and essential oils!       
     Warm stones will be placed on the seven chakras to balance and restore your mind and body.
     Your hands and feet will be bathed in coconut oils
     while a series of organic masks are applied leaving your skin and body radiant and renewed.
     Make an appointment today, you deserve it!
     Call 805-564-2977 or Book Online
        XOXO, Courtney, Le Reve Spa Coordinator 

Blueberry Body Slimming Wrap

Hello Friends! 
I hope you are all celebrating the fact that summer is here! The sun is out, the fresh breeze fills the air, and the beaches are full.    If you are anything like me, getting into that bikini may feel like a daunting task.                                                                                       Le Reve is here to tell you that YOU, yes, YOU are beautiful just the way you are!    
As Coco Chanel put it, 
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” 
      Let Le Reve take care of you this summer so you can strut the Santa Barbara beaches glowing with radiance! 
Our famous Blueberry Body Slimming Wrap is specially catered to take care of the mind, body and soul.
      This therapeutic treatment is for the whole body. First, your skin is covered with a blueberry scrub to soften and exfoliate. Your body is then drenched with a slimming gel wrap to tone and increase elasticity. This treatment will increase collagen and infuse the skin with moisture.
After this treatment my skin felt tight, smooth and my mind felt refreshed!
Xoxo, Conner Spa Coordinator at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique 

Enjoy a Mini Vacation at Le Reve!

Come into Le Reve to enjoy a Mini Vacation! This two hour spa package is just what you need on a nice summer day in Santa Barbara. Our Mini Vacation includes a Mini Refresher Facial, a 30 Minute Massage, a Le Reve Manicure, and a Le Reve Pedicure.
Our Mini Refresher Facial. is a great way to ease in to facials! This is ideal for new clients or for someone who likes a relaxing facial without extractions. Your skin will be analyzed by an esthetician, exfoliated, and a mask will be applied to suit your skins needs. 
Your Mini Vacation would not be complete without a massage!  Our 30 Minute Massage. is the perfect amount of time to leave your body and mind at ease.
Treat not only your skin, but your nails to this beyond relaxing and amazing manicure. Our Le Reve Manicure. will leave your hands glowing. Your hands will be soaked in all organic milk and oats. After, your skin will be exfoliated using an herbal polish that is very rich in anti-oxidants. A massage will be performed to hydrate and heal your hands. Do not forget that a full manicure. will also be included. Since we are a green certified spa, we only use all natural and non-toxic nail polishes.
Everyone likes to be able to show off their toes, especially in the summer time!  Our Le Reve Pedicure. will leave your feet feeling soft and clean. Your feet will be soaked in organic milk and oats. Then, your skin will be softened by an herbal polish rich in anti-oxidants. A massage will be given to hydrate and heal your “soles”. And of course, you cannot forget that a full pedicure will be included with expert care.
xoxo Courtney, Le Reve Spa Coordinator

See The Wonderful Massages Le Reve Has To Offer

Hello lovely followers and friends! Today I thought I’d give you guys a little bit more information about the massage options here at le Reve. Our massages come in increments of 30 minutes, ranging from 30-90. For only $30, we also offer a 15 minute Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage.
Our 30 Min. Massage is $65
Our 60 Min. Massage is $105
Our 90 Min. Massage is $130
Our massage therapists are incredible skilled and experienced in all types of massage. Therefore, they will be able to speak with you before they begin to specialize the service to fit your needs.
Apart from these options, we also offer Hot Stone Massage and Barefoot Massage.
Our Hot Stone Massage lasts 90 minutes and goes for $140. It employs the use of pressure points throughout your body to give you a deeply therapeutic massage.
Our Barefoot Massage can last for 90 minutes or 120 minutes, making it the longest possible option for a single service here at le Reve. It takes place in our special Barefoot Room and is comprised of slow, deep, and thorough compressions.
Our full menu of services including facials, waxing, body treatments, and manicure/pedicures can be found by following this link. You can book any of these services online by following this link

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