The Le Reve Mini Refresher

Are you new to facials?


 If so, come in and try our Mini-Refresher Facial

During this relaxing facial, your skin will be cleaned,

analyzed by an experienced esthetician,

exfoliated, and an organic mask will be applied.

This is a great introduction to facial treatments!

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xoxo, Courtney, Spa Coordinator at Le Reve

4 Benefits to Barefoot Massage

Have you ever tried a Barefoot Massage? 

4 Benefits of Barefoot Massage:

1. Relieves tight muscles 

2. Reduces stress 

3.Deepens relaxation 

4. Stimulates your body’s own self-healing capabilities

Is Barefoot right for you? 

It’s perfect for lovers of deep tissue work or can’t seem to find a therapist to do deep enough work for them.  It is also useful as a sports preparation or athletic maintenance, as the elements of stretching and engaging the large muscle groups are incorporated. It feels like a “good workout” to some, leaving them refreshed and relaxed rather than tired. 
Why not try out this incredibly relaxing service for yourself! 
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Xoxo, Conner Spa Coordinator at Le Reve

Le Reve Offers a Large Array of Lipstick Shades by La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup


In Honor of Santa Barbara Fiestas 2015 Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique would like to share in this celebration

Receive 20% OFF all La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup Lipstick Shades all this week at Le Reve Organic Spa Boutique!

Le Reve Organic Spa Mineral Lipstick by La Bella Donna

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Le Reve Waxing Services

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There are many benefits when it comes to Le Reve Waxing Services. Waxing pulls the hair from the root, unlike shaving and since waxing pulls hair from the root, your skin will feel and look a lot smoother and there will be no stubble immediately after the waxing service
Le Reve Waxing Services also lasts significantly longer than shaving! Your hair will also grow back thinner and more sparseIf you continue to wax rather than shave, you will eventually have almost no visible hair growth. Ingrown hairs are also less likely to happen if you wax rather than shave.
 When you shave, you are cutting the hair off at skin level, leaving the hair blunt. The hair can get trapped under the skin where it can either grow side ways or in circles, leaving you with an ingrown hair.
With waxing, the entire hair shaft is removed, leaving the new hair very thin and less likely to get trapped under the skin!

 Here at Le Reve, we offer many waxing services! Including arm, legs, back, bikini, facial waxing, chest, neck and shoulders, lower back, stomach, and underarms! 

A few tips for before you go into a waxing service is to make sure that your hair growth is at least a quarter of an inch long and to exfoliate before your service!   Call today to book your appointment at (805)-564-2977! You may also book your waxing services online
xoxo, Courtney, Le Reve Spa Coordinator

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