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Body Exfoliation

Body Exfoliation and what the professionals at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique want you to know

Exfoliations Benefits

When it comes to body exfoliation nothing is better than a great body polish. Whether you aim to simply feel pampered at your favorite organic spa or to freshen dull skin, the Le Reve Herbal Body Polish is for you! This wonderful body treatment is the perfect treat for the cold winter months. With constant layering to stay warm a great body exfoliation is something we can all benefit from. A great exfoliation allows your skin to breath and when it comes to getting your “exfoliation on” leave it to the professionals at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique. Our team of amazing spa technicians are trained to provide a relaxing experience along with the appropriate level of scrub needed to loosen dead skin during this treatment. What this means for you is that your delicate skin is treated to remove dull dead skin but leaves behind heathy new skin.

Body Exfoliation; An Ancient Practic

si_authors_lsarfati_3001According to Lydia Sarfatti, author, founder, and CEO of Repêchage “Exfoliation in one form or another has been practiced literally for ages. Ancient Egyptians used abrasive tapes of alabaster, honey and sour milk to loosen cells, then followed with a good scrub of finely ground sand. While methods of exfoliation have become more sophisti­cated, the goal still remains the same—soft, smooth skin.”

The Herbal Body Polish

Increase Lymphatic Flowunknown-6
Here at Le eve Organic Spa & Boutique we have mastered the art of the body scrub.  Our 30-min body polish begins with a light dry brush treatment to increase lymph flow. The Le Reve dry brush is comprised of all natural boar hair. The boar hair bristles are better than synthetic because they are more gentle on skin. Once the dry brushing portion of this Le Reve body treatment is complete a thorough body polish is provided.
images-3Body Exfoliant
Our body polish is a combination of two types of exfoliants, manual manipulation and granular exfoliation. When some folks use the manual manipulation exfoliation method they make the mistake of over scrubbing skin.images-2 This over scrubbing can result in damage and even scar your beautiful skin. This is an easy thing to do especially when using salt scrubs. Along with being more drying, salt scrubs are also naturally rougher on skin. It is for this reason that Le Reve uses a more hydrating almond-based exfoliant. Almonds are naturall rich in oils and can help replenish moisture loss from exfoliation during the process. The exfoliation received in the Le Reve Herbal Body Polish is provided using our biodynamically farmed organic herbal body scrub.
Body Exfoliation
Experience Spa Technicians
The amazing spa technicians at Le Reve are highly trained and experienced in providing the appropriate amount of pressure in the manual manipulation portion of this exfoliation. Their stimulating and invigorating body treatment is sure to leave you feeling renewed and yur skin freshened with a healthy-looking complexion. An additional perk to receiving an amazing body scrub is that your renewed skin functions better as a protective barrier.       
Following this wonderful exfoliating experience your skin is in for another treat. We then continue to rehydrate your skin with rich, organic oils. Newly exfoliated skin is more capable of retaining moisture which we can all use during cold, dry winter months in Santa Barbara.  

Body Exfoliation Recommendations

Remember that when it comes to exfoliation, leave it to the professionals. Over exfoliation by vigorous scrubbing or chemicals can result in inflammation, mild irritation, and even permanent damage. Receiving frequent body exfoliations not only helps your skin function properly, but it also contributes to amazing-looking skin with a glowing complexion.

To book our fabulous Herbal Body Polish with your next spa treatment or on its own call 805-564-2977. You may also book online!

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Simply the Best

Simply the Best

When it comes to day spas Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique is simply the best. 

The Verdict is in and Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique is simply the best. If you haven’t already experience their wonderful spa treatments then drop everything and set a little time aside to experience “the dream” for yourself. This locally owned favorite has been open nearly 2 decades. Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique is the 1st and only Green Certified Spa in Santa Barbara and uses only the finest in organic and biodynamically farmed skincare. This means that anyone receiving a spa treatment in this beautiful spa is also receiving simply the best that mother nature has to offer. It is no wonder that SB Seasons described Le Reve as “the natural connections between personal well being, economic sustainability and the health of our planet” in their Star for the Day Spa Experience article.
The spa owner of Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique is a chemist who graduated at the top of her class at the University of California Santa Barbara, a top 10 science school in the world. Her reputation and experience within the chemistry field in researching, designing, and testing skincare is such a benefit to guests at Le Reve. Her chemistry knowledge extends well beyond the scope of organic skincare and the breadth of knowledge which she is able to provide to visitors and industry professionals is such a wonderful resource and definitely not something readily available at most spa establishments. It is no wonder why highly acclaimed industry magazines such as Organic Day Spa Magazine choose Le Reve’s Owner as a “go-to” for organic and chemical free articles such as Clearing Air. “VOC-free paint is now readily available and basically the same price as other paint,” …, owner of Le Rêve Organic Day Spa & Boutique in Santa Barbara, California. Le Rêve’s practices also include the use of soy candles with cotton wicks and flame-free, rechargeable candles where possible._Clearing Air, Day Spa Magazine
The staff at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique are well known by locals for being amazing. It is no wonder that their reviews amongst locals and online are fabulous. The spa has even shown up in a few destination spots for travelers and popular travel blogs such as Travels with Hian where Hian included the their accounts of relaxing massages received. Travels with Hian

 Debby L.  “Thank you for hosting our bachelorette spa day 😉 We had so much fun. From the luxurious bubbly champagne and Ferrero Rocher to the much needed massage,…”


 Alison H.   “Excellent relaxing experience and I never wanted to leave. They penciled in my mini facial on the day before I was getting back on a plane to Boston and…”

 Shari B.  “I have gone now a few times and they are so wonderful! Thea is amazing! Always so attentive to my needs… Feeling so much better after my amazing message…”
As a locally owned business in Santa Barbara, Le Reve is a proud contributor to the community. Le Reve prides itself on their ability to contribute to non profits as The Fund for Santa Barbara, The Organic Soup Kitchen, the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, Jodi’s House Brain Injury Support Center, St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, and many of our local schools so they may continue to provide the wonderful services they do!

Le Reve is a frequenter of Santa Barbara Wedding Resource Guide_Santa Barbara Independent

Le Reve Spa and Boutique._Santa Barbara Health Resources, Points of Health

Must Dos _By Santa Barbara Magazine

My Goodness Gracious _A Daily Source of Goodness for Mind Body and Spirit

Le Reve  – If you love lavender as much as I do, you’ll want to visit Le Reve (The Dream) for an aromatherapy massage or body wrap. Conveniently located downtown, this spa only uses Jurlique products, which have plant-based and herbal ingredients such as lavender. _By Melissa Mellott, M.Ed., Spa Health Writer & Esthetician

Le Reve is a the first green-certified health and beauty spa in Santa Barbara. Conveniently located downtown, Le Reve is the perfect place to go for a little pampering, whether you’re looking to get away for the day or just an hour. It’s a great destinations for couples and groups, too. Popular treatments include facials, massages and waxing but they have a full menu of options to delight you from head to toe. They also have a boutique stocked with indulgent treats and gift ideas. Parking is available in nearby city lots, and some of the area’s best restaurants are within easy walking distance. ((805) 564-2977)_By  USA Today Top 10 Best Travel and Destination

Want to learn more about Santa Barbara. Discover SB

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Rainy Day Escape

Rainy Day Escape

Check out this rejuvenating rainy day escape for your mind and body Santa Barbara rain santa barbara

Mind & Body Facial

Its all about the Mind and Body Facial at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique on this lovely rainy day!!! The Mind and Body Facial provides stones to help realign your chakras and hot stones to melt away tension all while you receive a fabulous rejuvenating facial with our A-M-A-Z-I-N-G organic skin care. This rainy day escape is the perfect get away for a rainy afternoon. Come in, stay toasty, and relax with the Mind & Body facial at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique in Santa Barbara California!

Allow this fabulous spa treatment to take the guesswork out of choosing between rejuvenating your face or body.
 “I absolutely love this facial!!! It leaves my skin looking and feeling fantastic and helps alleviate the built up tension I get from working at a computer during at my job for 40hrs a week”
If you are finding yourself stressed and worn out, a great pick me up is our Mind and Body facial.
Flower of Life Chakras Le Reve Spa

Le Reve Mind and Body Facial

During the Mind and Body Facial, you will experience Le Reve famous aromatherapy. Stones are applied to your seven chakras to rebalance your mind and body. Your face, neck, and décolleté will be deeply cleansed with our luxurious organic skincare to remove impurities, dirt, and oil. An exfoliant is applied to remove dead skin leaving you radiant and renewed. A relaxing head, neck, and shoulder massage will be provided.  Amazing organic masks will penetrate to help treat your renewed beautiful skin notified and looking radiant. Hot stones are applied to the hands and arms to continue to melt away tension while hands and feet are bathed in organic coconut oils.
 This restorative facial is a one stop spa treatment for relaxation rejuvenation. 
Book this or any of our wonderful spa treatments with us online or with a Le Reve Spa Coordinator by calling 805-564-2977
See you at the spa!
Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique 21 W. Gutierrez St Santa Barbara Ca 93101

Halloween Health Reminder to Beware of Face Paint Toxins

Halloween Health Reminder

Check out this Halloween Health Reminder to beware of the Toxins that may lurk in your face paint by Chemist and skincare specialist Bridgette at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique in Santa Barbara California Halloween Health Reminder - Le Reve SpaHalloween Health Reminder that the majority of what you put on your or your child’s skin gets broken down and absorbed. So for all you parents out there who thought that sugar consumption was your biggest concern for your little-ones, think again. That being said, with all the Halloween candy around, there is no better time to educate your child about the importance of limiting their sugar intake. Try not to let your child consume too many sugary treats as these can cause all kinds of oral health issues such as cavities and tooth decay. Furthermore, make sure your child brushes their teeth soon after enjoying their trick or treating candy haul. Your Dentist in Indialantic will thank you! However, one of the scariest things about Halloween aside from some of the spooky costumes and haunted houses are the horrible toxins present in the over the counter halloween costume makeup.   Halloween Health Reminder - Le Reve SpaThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states plainly that no safe blood lead level in children has been identified, and that exposure to lead can jeopardize nearly every system in the body. Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to affect IQ, ability to pay attention, and academic achievement. And effects of lead exposure cannot be corrected.   Even with all of these health disclaimers each year halloween face paint containing harmful levels of toxins are available for purchase. In 2009 the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics issued a report stating that 10 out of the 10 popular children’s face paints contained lead in addition to other harmful chemicals such as chromium, cobalt, nickel and other toxic chemicals deemed hazardous by the FDA and even banned in other countries!
Before you cancel this years Halloween festivities or limit costume choices to a simple bed sheet ghost please read the following tips on how to keep things healthy from toxins this year.

Halloween Heath Reminders:

  • Consider natural alternatives to makeup – Mix natural food coloring with corn syrup for fake blood, or cornstarch, flour and vegetable shortening for a spooky ghost or skeleton face.
  • Use a primer – before anything touches your skin or your childs skin. La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup is a micro ground mineral makeup that works as a great primer! It creates the perfect hydrophobic barrier between any halloween make-up and skin helping to prevent toxins from absorbing into your pores and then your bloodstream.
  • Choose makeup carefully – So it is true that ten out ten products tested by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics contained by lead, but fortunately for us there are more than just those 10 choices available. La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup has a great spectrum of colors avail for both everyday wear and halloween makeup. However if you are looking for more of the paint-style halloween makeup we recommend Elegant Minerals and Natural Earth Paint. Read ingredients carefully. Choose mineral based makeup over the makeup containing heavy metals. Double check with the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetics database to see if your skincare passes the health standard you are looking for.
  • Perform a patch test – Products tested contained highly allergenic ingredients such as chromium can be hazardous so before applying to your skin this halloween conduct a patch test by placing a small amount of the under your arm or at the base of your neck to test for a reaction.
  • Remove all makeup as soon as possible – Do not sleep in face paint. Remove all makeup as soon as possible

We at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique want you to have a safe and healthy Halloween and hope these tips help.

xoxo, Bridgette

Pumpkin Treatment – Le Reve Spa

pumpkin le reve spaPumpkin Treatment

Introducing this seasons hero pumpkin treatment for your skin at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique in Santa Barbara California.
Did you know that pumpkin can do amazing things for your skin?
Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin C which can help fight skin damage from free radicals. Free radical skin damage leads to premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and even skin cancers. It goes without saying that utilizing skincare treatment which can help combat these developments is always a good idea!  Pumpkin is also a great source for Carotenoids such as beta-carotene. Carotenoids are antioxidants that help to refortify the skin and can also brighten the complexion. This is the property that gives pumpkins their bright orange color. Here at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique we provide a pumpkin treatment in our 90 minute Age Defying Antioxidant Facial called the Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. This is a 20% enzyme mask which helps to remove dead skin, minimize dark spots, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Do not allow this treatments delicious title to fool you, this results-oriented pumpkin treatment is a wonderful way to greatly improve the skins appearance in a small amount of time. It is no wonder why this pumpkin treatment is one of our most requested by returning clientele! Due to the high enzyme rate of this amazing pumpkin treatment only a trained professional like your Le Reve esthetician may provide it. So if you would like to experience this pumpkin treatment for yourself contact a Le Reve spa coordinator to set aside your next Age Defying Facial this October!

Le Reve Age Defying Antioxidant Facial


If you are in between facials and looking for a pumpkin treatment which you can do yourself at home you are in luck! Located in the Le Reve Organic Spa Boutique we retail a pumpkin treatment which your can use at home! This is the Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 5%.

Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 5% 

Accelerate the exfoliation process with this enzyme
peel that removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage. This delicious purée of yam and pumpkin leaves skin looking firm and radiant.
How to Use:
Apply a thin layer of product over clean and dry face and neck with a fan applicator brush. Avoid the eye area or active acne lesions. Allow to remain on the skin for 10–15 minutes. Gently massage with fingertips to loosen dead skin cells.
In the case of excessive stinging or irritation, remove product quickly and immediately using a towel soaked in cool water or tea. Follow with cotton pads soaked in the Soothing Chamomile Tonique to deactivate the product. Rinse again with towels soaked in cool water.
For use as a bi-weekly treatment at home in conjunction with professional in–spa enzyme peel treatments. An application of Mineral (Sun) Defense 30 to finish is highly recommended with peeling products. Not recommended for use on active acne areas of the skin.
Key Ingredients:
  • Yam Pulp Purée: high in beta-carotene and vitamins to fight the appearance of aging
  • Pumpkin Pulp Purée: rich in enzymes, beta-carotene, amino acids, and antioxidants to fight the appearance of aging
  • Pineapple: purifies skin by removing dirt and proteins
  • Papaya: contains vitamins and fruit enzymes to improve the appearance of skin
  • Glycolic Acid: soothing and smoothing agent
  • Lactic Acid: sloughs off dead skin cells to improve texture of skin
  • Willow bark Extract: natural beta-hydroxy to minimize the appearance of pores
  • Phyto-Hyaluronic Acid (Phytocollagen): deeply hydrating; natural substance that smoothes and plumps skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Green Tea Extract: high in antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, and vitamins for youthful looking skin
  • Skin appears refined and smoothed, the appearance of dark spots are reduced
  • Skin appears firmed and plumped
  • The appearance of wrinkle depth and fine lines are reduced

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